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Trash and Debris Containment and Control

Trash in a waterways is every bit pollution as an oil spill. Oil Stop can design floating barriers to contain floating debris or divert it to collection points or trash collection cages

Water Intake Protection

During the fall, or following storms, or high water events, a considerable amount of floating debris such as leaves, limbs, trees or personal property items can find their way into waterways and threaten to clog municipal or commercial water intakes along the waterway. Oil Stop can customize a floating barrier that will deflect the debris and allow it to continue downstream. Special accessories such as water level compensators can be incorporated to make the system maintenance free.


Solids Control for Mining Operations

Specially designed curtains for solids control resemble silt control curtains. Unlike silt curtains, that are used in natural waterways, solids control curtains are specifically designed to fit in man-made settling ponds. Their purpose is to delay the flow of process water from exiting the pond thereby allowing retention time for the solids to settle and allow the water to exit the pond at regulated and acceptable levels of solids content. Compliance with the regulated levels of water discharged from mining operations is closely monitored, so the design and quality of these floating curtains is critical.


Lagoon and In-Tank Baffles

Lagoon baffles are used in wastewater treatment facilities for municipalities, counties and industrial complexes. Their purpose is to increase retention time of the wastewater so that total suspended solids (TSS) can be reduced at the discharge point and to increase oxygen levels so that “dead” water is not discharged into a waterway.

In-tank baffles are mostly used for potable water treatment. They are installed to create a maze for water flow to increase the time needed to properly treat the water before sending it to public water supply. Both types of baffles need to be specifically sized to suit the installation. There are no two exactly alike.


Flood Control – FLOOD STOP

Stop flood water with water. Flood Stop are reusable water filled tubes that can be connected to make endless string of portable dams. Flood Stop can surround buildings or property or can be used to enhance levee height. They can be transported in a fraction of the space needed for sand bags and use less labor than sand bags.

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