Litter Boom

Turbidity Control


Osprey Litter Boom is specifically designed for long-term installations to contain and collect floating litter and debris in freshwater or saltwater environments. Components are selected, and the design is engineered to surpass the capabilities of common floating barriers, such as oil containment booms. Features a smooth exterior profile with no seals between floats that could trap floating litter and prevent laminar flow into collection areas or Litter Gitters (Floating Collection cages).


Overall Height: 12 inches (30.5 cms)
Freeboard: 6 inches (15.25 cms)
Draft (Skirt): 6 inches (15.25 cms)
Weight: 2.1 Lbs./Linear Foot (3.1 Kgs. /Meter)
Section Length: 5 – 100 feet (to suit application)
Markings: Reflective Stickers, 9” x 3” above waterline

Section Connectors:

  • ASTM Universal Slide Connectors – 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • Stainless Steel hardware and toggle pin for securing connector, tool-free.
  • Each end connector equipped with Stainless Steel Folding D-ring anchor points.


  • Closed cell polyethylene foam
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Dimensions: 6-inch diameter x 48-inch long (standard)
  • Custom lengths to suit special section lengths.
  • Secured internally with a mesh sleeve. Separated to allow folding for shipment and storage.

Boom Material:

Coating: Elvaloy based compound/PVC
Weight: 30 oz./yd2
Thickness: 30 Mil
Tensile Strength: 600 Lbs./inch
Tear: 70 Lbs.
Low Temperature: – 30oF
UV Resistance: Excellent – 10 year pro-rated warranty
Repairability: Heat Sealing

Tension Members:

  • Upper tension: 5/16” synthetic paralay cable (corrosion proof) installed inside flotation chamber.
  • Lower Tension/Ballast: 5/16” HDG chain sealed into a fabric pocket in skirt bottom.
  • Both tension members are secured to end connectors for continuous tension
  • Total Tensile Strength of Litter Boom Assembly: 35,000 Lbs. (Combined chain, cable, and fabric)


Tri-wall cartons on pallets (for commercial freight) or geotextile wraps (for local deliveries)

AMPOL’S OIL STOP DIVISION is having great success with its LITTER BOOM. Oil Stop designed a Kayak Gate to allow passage of recreational boats through the collection area. With our partner, Osprey Initiative, , litter is collected, catalogued, and separated for recycling. Documenting the litter helps to provide source data that helps to prevent future contamination.

We currently have Litter Boom in over 60 installations around the USA with one in Mexico, and another in Canada.

Litter Boom is manufactured for Osprey Initiative, LLC by Oil Stop Division of American Pollution Control Corp.

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