Liquid Storage Options

Towable Bladders
Towable Bladders

TOBs are used to store and transport recovered oil or other liquids.  Sizes from 500 gallons to 100,000 gallons (2.0 to 370 cu. M.) are available.  TOBs are supplied with towing sets, drain valves and carry bags or crates.

Accessories include, navigation lights, clean out kits, repair kits, and an assortment of fittings.

Fast Erect Pools

Fast Erect Pools

FEPs are portable, collapsible liquid storage devices that are supported by a metal frame.  There are useful on shoreline spill cleanups or for storing leaking drums and containers.  One person can assemble a FEP in 15 minutes.  They are supplied with a carry bag, ground cloth, all frame components and tools.  Sizes range from 250 gallons to 4000 gallons (1.0 to 15 cu. M).  Options include drain valves and covers.

Pillow Tank

Pillow Tanks

Pillow tanks are collapsible liquid storage devices for holding firefighting water, potable water, waste liquids, or fuels. Sizes range from 250 to 4000 gallons (1.0 to 15 cu. M). There is a model to fit on a flatbed truck or trailer to convert it to a liquid hauler. Shapes can be square, rectangular, or cylindrical.

Decon Pool

Secondary Containment / Decon Pools

Secondary Containment Pools (SCPs) are used to temporarily store leaking drums or tanks, place operating equipment to prevent ground contamination, or to collect wash water during decontamination of equipment and booms. SCPs are available in any size from 4; x 4’ up to 50 x 100 Feet. SCPs are offered in PVC (Economical) and Urethane (Heavy Duty) materials. Side wall can be fixed or removable for convenient storage and transport.

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