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Auto Boom

Oil Stop’s single point inflation Auto Boom™ was the first single point inflation boom patented. Auto Boom™ was developed to provide safe, quick and efficient containment of floating oil. Auto Boom’s unique design makes it possible to store on and deploy from a hydraulic reel (winder), large lengths (up to 2,000 feet) of oil spill containment boom. As the boom is deployed from the reel, it automatically inflates from a single air source. Once inflated, the patented design allows each flotation chamber to be isolated, and in the event that one chamber is damaged or deflated, adjacent chambers remain fully inflated so that the boom can continue to function properly. As a unique added feature, Auto Boom™ incorporates a thin layer of closed cell foam inside each inflation chamber to provide positive buoyancy when the boom is not inflated.

AVAILABLE IN FOUR MODELS – Designed to best suit your area of application:

RIVER 22” (55cm) 8″ (20 cm) 14″ (35 cm)
HARBOR 30” ( 86cm) 12″ (30.5 cm) 18″ (46 cm)
OFFSHORE 43” (109cm) 18″ (46 cm) 25″ (63 cm)
DEEP SEA 60” (152cm) 24″ (61 cm) 36″ (91 cm)

Materials Options

Polyurethane 28 oz./yd2 (970 gm/m2) – Standard for River and Harbor Models
Polyurethane 36 oz./yd2 (1220 gm/m2)– Standard for Offshore and Deep Sea Models
Neo/PTMEG Alloy 36 oz./yd2 (1220 gm/m2) Tensile Strength: 1470 Lbs./inch (6540 N)

Auto Boom Features:

  • Rapid Deployment: All buoyancy chambers are inflated from a single air source. There is no need to stop the deployment to open or close valves.
  • Compact: On reel storage or Rapid Pack Bundles
  • Exceptional Wave Conformance 
  • Positive Buoyancy is built into every section to provide flotation prior to inflation or in the event of damage. The positive buoyancy feature also allows the boom to be stored in, and deployed from vertically-wound bundles (Rapid Packs), which conserve storage space and provide for easy transportation and deployment.
  • Reliable: No internal springs, check valves or frames to corrode or fail.
  • Reduced Labor: Deployment only requires one operator at the reel.
  • Safe: Low pressure air source, and no need for operators between the reel and the water.
  • Individual Buoyancy Chambers: Each buoyancy chamber is isolated. In the event of a failure in one air chamber, adjacent chambers are isolated and will remain inflated.
  • Extended Use: An entire length of boom can be easily inflated up to required pressure (“topped off”) from any point during extended deployment applications.
  • Accessory Equipment includes reels, hydraulic power packs, blowers, tow bridles, anchor systems, and storage containers.

Auto Boom Rapid Packs

Oil Stop offers the Rapid Pack storage system that makes it possible to package inflatable Auto Boom in Rapid Pack bundles. Rapid Pack bundles of Auto can be stored efficiently and rapidly deployed at the onset of an oil spill. Auto Boom’s unique features of positive buoyancy and single point inflation make this concept possible. The Rapid Pack eliminates, or reduces the need for dedicated storage reels, as several Rapid Pack bundles can be made by one machine. It also makes it possible to transport, and if desired, to deploy inflatable boom from aircraft. It can also save valuable deck space on offshore platforms and vessels.

Rapid Pack Transport
Rapid Pack Deployment Exercise
Rapid Pack Versatility
Rapid Pack Recovery and Bundle

ResponsAble Boom

Oil Stop manufactures the more conventional multi-point inflatable booms, “MI” models. There are some applications, such as single boat deployment, where this design is more practical. Usually stored on and deployed from reels, MI booms can also be safely deployed from skids/pallets, or storage containers.

MI booms are available in the standard models:
River 20-Inch, Harbor 36-Inch, Offshore 43 Inch, and Deep Sea 60-Inch.
Section Lengths are 100 or 82 Feet (30 or 25 Meters)
Standard Material is 28 oz. Polyurethane. Other options are available.
Support Accessories such as reels, containers, power packs, inflators, and towing and anchoring equipment are also offered.

6500 Feet (2000 Meters) MI-43 Offshore boom being deployed from a barge during the Deep Water Horizon incident in 2010.

55,000 Feet (16,763 Meters) delivered in 3 months.

Shore/Tidal Guard

SHORE/TIDAL GUARD is an inflatable oil containment boom designed with a water ballast chamber to provide an excellent barrier for tidal and shallow water applications. The water ballast chamber seals effectively to sand or mud.

SHORE/TIDAL GUARD will function in its floating state as a conventional oil containment boom. As the tide ebbs, the water chamber will settle on the bottom and prevent oil from escaping with the tide or entering the tidal zone as the tide rises.

Freeboard: 10 inch (254 mm) OR 12 inch (305 mm)
Skirt: 12 inch (305 mm)
Section Lengths: 33-100 Ft (10-30 M)
End Connectors: Quick Connect Aluminum
Length of Buoyancy
Chamber: 33-100 Ft (10-30 M)
Weight: 1.3 – 1.55 lbs. Per Ft.
Fabric: 28 oz. or 36 oz. Urethane
Anchor Points At Each End Connector
Optional: Positive Buoyancy Foam Lining
End Protector Pads
Splash Flaps
Pressure Relieve Valves
Carry Bags: Standard

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