Fast Sweep Systems

Oil Stop, Inc.’s Fast Sweep™ System is an extremely rugged boom system constructed of 100% urethane coated material for maximum tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Oil Stop’s FAST SWEEP TM systems have been tested by the U.S. Coast Guard at the Ohmsett Test Tank Facility and performed exceptionally well in offshore sea conditions. The U.S. Coast Guard has purchased Oil Stop’s Fast Sweep™ Systems for use with their Strike Teams’ vessel of opportunity skimming systems (VOSS), and their B-Class buoy tenders Spilled Oil Recovery Systems (SORS). All Fast Sweep™ Systems are manufactured in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard standards.

• The Fast Sweep™, which employs a heavy duty plastic-coated net attached to the sweep legs and apex sections, can contain oil in currents up to 1.5 knots before entrainment begins.

• Special Attention has been given to packaging of the system to assure easy deployment and retrieval. The entire system fits on a hydraulically driven reel and can be rapidly deployed by three men.

• Oil Stop’s Fast Sweep™ employs a high tensile Spectra™ tension member at the mouth of the sweep for added strength. Tests have shown that 80% of the tow loads are transferred to the bottom tension member.

• The Fast Sweep™ System can be used in conjunction with a skimmer that is towed in the apex of the Fast Sweep™ configuration where, by design, the oil is concentrated. The apex section is removable for attachment of an in line skimmer.

• Oil Stop’s Fast Sweep™ Booms are available in sizes ranging from 20″ to 72″, with freeboard ranging from 8″ to 32″, and skirt depths from 8″ to 40″.

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