Equipment Storage & Transport

Oil Stop Containerized Boom Reel is an integrated system for the transport, storage, and deployment of oil spill containment booms.


  • The boom reel can be built into the container frame or removable
  • The reel is hydraulic powered by an integral, or remote, diesel driven hydraulic power pack
  • Forklift and crane lift access
  • ISO and DNV standards available
Equipment & Storage

Hydraulic powered reels for Solid Flotation Boom


  • Sized to suit the model of boom
  • Power Packs can be electric, air, or engine driven

Power Packs can be mounted on reel skid or separated for portability, or other uses.

Hydraulic Reels for Inflatable Booms

Hydraulic Reels for Inflatable Booms


  • Sized to suit model and quantity of boom
  • Reels up to 600 meter capacity
  • All aluminum or Steel frame with aluminum

SFB Containers


  • ISO standards
  • New or Refurbished containers
  • Available in 6, 8, 10, 20, and 40 Ft
  • Custom doors and separate storage areas
  • Hanger hooks, storage shelves


Sized and customized with doors, ramps, shelves, and covers, to best suit the needs.

Custom Trailers

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