Aquatic Vegetation & Debris Control

AMPOL’s AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) Barrier is manufactured by the Oil Stop Division. It is specifically designed for use in controlling, gathering and collecting floating, or near surface nuisance vegetation on waterways.

The AIS Barrier is based on proven designs used in oil spill control. Although it visually appears to be like oil spill boom, there are differences incorporated in the design and materials that make it more effective when dealing with aquatic weeds, plants and debris.

Containing and Concentrating


  • Heavy duty coated mesh skirt.
    Relieves water pressure on the barrier when sweeping to collect, or when weed buildup is heavy
  • Upper tension member is non-metallic parlay rope/cable with an equivalent tensile strength of ¼ steel cable (7000 Lbs.) but with less stretch.
  • Flotation is polyethylene floats sealed into individual PVC pockets. Since the intended use of the AIS Barrier is not for oil spill control, it is not necessary to utilize oil resistant flotation foam which costs 3 times more.


  • Section Lengths: 25, 50, or 100 Feet
    Custom lengths available
  • Freeboard (flotation): 6-inch x 72-inch
  • Draft (Skirt): 12 or 18-inch
  • Barrier Material: 22 oz/yd2 PVC
  • Skirt Mesh: PVC coated polyester
  • Ballast Chain: 5/16-inch galvanized
  • End Connectors: Universal Slide (Tool-free)
  • Anchor Points: Each end and mid-section on 100 Ft sections
  • Hand Straps: 2 per section
  • Color: Yellow or Orange (blue, green, white, tan, black, and others available).

Options: Reflective tape, marker lights, owner logo or identification, shore anchor bridles, anchor systems, installation and maintenance services.


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