ANCHOR SYSTEMS for positioning and holding booms. Anchor systems consist of a galvanized steel Danforth-type anchor, nylon rope, buoy, chain and shackles. Typical anchors are 22 – 60 Lbs. (10 – 27 Kgs.)

DOCK ROLLERS protect booms from contact with docks or sharp edges on boats and other locations.

TETHER SYSTEMS are floating rings that aid in the installation of permanent booms around docks, piers, jetties and pilings. The buoyant rings feature heavy duty rollers that allow the boom system to compensate for waves and tidal changes. The Tether System will also protect the booms from contact with the pilings.

TENDER FENDERS, (or ‘Boom Stand-Offs’) hold booms away from the hulls of vessels or seawalls. In addition to protecting the boom from abrasion, they also create a gap for over-the-side spilled oil collection. A tri-legged aluminum frame supported by impact resistant floats. The legs have adjustable lengths, up to 12 feet total, and use tool-free pins for easy assembly and disassembly for shipping and storage. One person can launch and retrieve it from the deck of a vessel. Weight is 42 lbs. (19 kgs.)

TIDE SLIDES are designed to attach booms to walls or pilings for permanent installations. The Oil Stop TIDE SLIDE is a device that allows oil boom to rise and fall with tidal changes. The roller assembly consists of a heavy wall marine aluminum or stainless steel frame, a connector, six thermoplastic wheels, gasket material for sealing against the track, and fabric covered floats. The roller assembly is designed to ride up and down a track made from aluminum or galvanized steel “H” beam. The track is attached to a piling, bulkhead, or seawall.

MARKER LIGHTS are solar-powered and photo-cell activated. A special mounting bracket is designed to attach the Marker Light directly to boom section end connectors. The lights have over 1-mile visibility and are available in white or yellow color and 3 different flash per minute rates. 

BOOM REPAIR KITS for making repairs to boom materials include electric heat sealers, rollers and matching boom fabric.

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