Oil Stop’s Auto Boom, the first patented single point inflation oil spill containment boom, is now recommended to be manufactured using 36 oz./yd2 (1220 gm/m2) polyurethane coated polyester material. The 36 oz. material provides 25% more thickness over the original Auto Boom material. This affords better seal strength, higher abrasion resistance, and more puncture resistance.

In addition, Oil Stop’s newest option is a result of collaboration with its material suppliers to offer a Neoprene/PTMEG Alloy (NEO-Alloy). This material provides the best features of neoprene and polyurethane. Most important is it allows to utilize the positive buoyancy feature of Auto Boom, which is a much demanded feature of Auto Boom. 100% neoprene cannot include this positive buoyancy feature. The Neo-Alloy also has a heavier base material to provide exceptional tensile strength and tear resistance. Contact Oil Stop for more information.