Oil Stop manufactured, delivered, and AMPOL installed, its AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) Barrier for a private hunting and fishing club in South Louisiana. In late spring and summer, the water hyacinth would accumulate so thick in their canal that it was sometimes impossible to operate their boats.

Oil Stop designed a system that would automatically adjust to tidal and seasonal water level changes. The AIS Barrier was attached to both shorelines and to pilings using floating “Tether Rings”.The setup included a gate that could be closed if the nuisance plant threatened the canal.

AIS Barrier was developed for the Giant Salvina outbreak in all the Gulf Coast states and southern Atlantic states. It is equally effective for floating debris control. It features a reinforced mesh skirt that allows water to pass while containing plants and debris. This feature allows the barrier to contain heavy loading of solids without negatively affecting the performance of the barrier.To learn more visit: http://jeffreyd37.sg-host.com/products/aquatic-vegetation-debris-control/ or contact us.