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​Since 1990, Oil Stop, a division American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL), has been a leading global provider and manufacturer of innovative products designed specifically for oil spill response and pollution control. Having designed and produced proven spill response products and provided on-site training in more than 40 countries worldwide, Oil Stop provides AMPOL with unmatched resources as an environmental contractor. Oil Stop’s facility in New Iberia, Louisiana, provides ample production, storage, distribution & mobilization capabilities

Oil Stop offers a full range of oil spill control equipment including oil spill containment boom, liquid storage devices and oil skimmers. Ancillary equipment and accessories offered by Oil Stop include boom reels, power packs, inflation blowers, storage containers, and trailers. We specialize in complete package systems with equipment for containment, recovery, storage and decontamination. Other manufactured products include turbidity control curtains, aquatic weed and debris containment, wastewater lagoon baffles, equipment covers, pond liners, evaporation control, flood control barriers, security barriers, and various custom items.

Oil Stop supplies oil spill control equipment to major oil companies and co-ops, and has supplied the United States Coast Guard with offshore inflatable boom and Fast Sweep™ systems.  We are a GSA contractor and have produced our products for several U.S. Government agencies, such as the U. S. Navy.

Oil Stop specializes in designing, providing, and installing complete custom contingency equipment packages as well as oil spill protection systems for water intakes. Oil Stop is considered an innovator in oil spill equipment design, and holds several patents on boom designs. Oil Stop’s Auto Boom™ is its most well-known product worldwide.  Oil Stop is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

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