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Spill Cure

Rapid Pack
  • Good maintenance of equipment and operator training is the best way to prevent oil spills.
  • Have the right equipment when and where you need it.
  • Rapid response to an oil spill reduces the costs of environmental damage, clean-up costs and associated fines.
Auto Boom Perimeter
Oil Stop's SPILL CURE packages can dramatically reduce the costs associated with both on deck and over-the-side oil spills. SPILL CURE packages allow for a rapid response and thus reduce the risk of environmental damage and fines The Auto Boom™, typically an integral part of a SPILL CURE package, is uniquely stored in vertically-wound Rapid Pack Bundles that can be deployed immediately at the onset of any spill. In the event of a spill, these Rapid Pack Bundles can be rapidly transported to the spill site, or any other location by any vessel of opportunity or helicopter.
Spill Kit:
Oil Stop Spill Cure Kit
One version of the Oil Stop SPILL CURE System includes a storage cabinet filled with an assortment of sorbent materials, tools, and products which are selected to provide a fast and effective response to any type of hazardous material spill. The emphasis is on products used for recovering petroleum products, but also included are universal type materials for absorbing and controlling non-oil, or chemical spills. There is also a selection of personnel protective equipment and support hardware for handling the package. Finally, proper handling prior to disposal is considered in the form of DOT approved drums, disposal bags, and screw top pails.
Containment Boom
Containment Kit:
A suitable quantity of oil spill containment boom completes the equipment package of the SPILL CURE system.

300 to 500 feet (more if required) of inflatable or foam-filled containment boom is included.

Oil Stop offers unique storage arrangements to accommodate users with limited space.


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