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Auto Boom

Auto BoomOil Stop's single point inflation model Auto Boom™ employs our patented Automatic Inflation Technology. Auto Boom™ was developed to provide safe, quick and efficient containment of floating oil. Auto Boom™’s unique design makes it possible to store large lengths (up to 2,000 feet) of offshore oil containment boom on a compact reel. As the boom is deployed from the reel, it automatically inflates from a single air source. Once inflated, the patented design allows each flotation chamber to be isolated, and in the event that one chamber is damaged or deflated, adjacent chambers remain fully inflated so that the boom can continue to function properly. As an added safety feature, Auto Boom™ incorporates a thin layer of closed cell foam inside each inflation chamber to provide positive buoyancy when the boom is not inflated.
Rapid response is critical to the success of any oil containment effort. Oil Stop’s Auto Boom™ makes it possible to safely and rapidly deploy oil boom to contain a spill in the shortest amount of time, and with a minimum amount of manpower.
  • Rapid Deployment: All buoyancy chambers are inflated from a single air source. There is no need to stop the deployment to open or close valves as a requirement for inflating each air chamber.
  • Compact: On reel storage.
  • Rugged Construction: High tensile fabrics, RF sealing techniques, and durable coatings guarantee long life.
  • Superior Buoyancy-To-Weight ratio compared to solid float booms.
  • Exceptional Wave Conformance even in rough seas and strong currents.
  • Safe Rapid Deplyment: Up to 100 feet per minute by automatically inflating all buoyancy chambers from a single air source.
  • Positive Buoyancy is built into every section to provide flotation prior to inflation or in the event of damage. The positive buoyancy feature also allows the boom to be stored in, and deployed from vertically-wound bundles (Rapid Packs), which conserve storage space and provide for easy transportation and deployment.
  • Reliable: No internal springs or frames, no need to open and shut valves.
  • Reduced Labor: Deployment only requires one operator at the reel.
  • Safe: Low pressure air source, and no need for operators between the reel and the water.
  • Individual Buoyancy Chambers: Each buoyancy chamber is isolated. In the event of a failure in one air chamber, adjacent chambers are isolated and will remain inflated.
  • Extended Use: An entire length of boom can be easily inflated up to required pressure ("topped off”) from any point during extended deployment applications.
  • Efficient Retrieval: Easy deflation and retrieval onto a storage reel.
  • Manufactured in accordance with strict quality assurance & quality control standards.
  • Accessory Equipment includes reels, hydraulic power packs, blowers, tow bridles, anchor systems, and storage containers.
Auto Boom Description
1) Inflation Chamber
2) Handle
3) Underwater Air Tube
4) Aluminum Universal ASTM Connector
5) Air Jumper Hose
6) Deflation Valve
7) Ballast Chain
8) Anchor Point
8" (20 cm)
14" (35 cm)
12" (30.5 cm)
18" (46 cm)
15" (38 cm)
22" (56 cm)
18" (46 cm)
25" (63 cm)
24" (61 cm)
36" (91 cm)
This product is protected under U.S. Patent nos. 5,346,329, 5,022,785 and corresponding foreign patents.


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