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Rapid Pack

Oil Stop's "Rapid Pack" Storage System allows for assembly of portable, vertically-wound bundles of inflatable boom utilizing Oil Stop's "Rapid Pack Winder". This storage system reduces costs by eliminating the need for dedicated boom reels, and allowing boom to be stored in compact "Rapid Packs”. Thousands of feet of Auto Boom™ can be stored in Rapid Pack bundles with the use of a single Rapid Pack Winder.
OilStop Rapid Pack
The "Rapid Pack" Storage System makes it possible to package the Auto Boom™ in 200 to 500 foot bundles, which can be rapidly deployed from boats, docks, platforms, or airlifted to spill sites. These "Rapid Packs" will float prior to inflation, due to the positive buoyancy feature of Oil Stop’s patented Auto Boom™.

Rapid Pack Process


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