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Ampol's January Newsletter - Tuesday, February 5, 2013
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AMPOL announces new locations

Due to increased demand and growth in Texas, AMPOL CEO Kirk Headley announces that the company has now acquired open a new Texas facility to best serve our customers. AMPOL currently operates one location in the Nederland, Texas area.

 For more information on services in Texas contact

Chip Cummins - 832-247-6106 ; [email protected]


Jon Wagner - 337-519-6990; [email protected]

The Texas expansion plans come on the heels of the opening of an AMPOL office in Lima, Peru in December. The Lima office serves as the main operations center for AMPOL Latin America LLC. This site provides an entire range of environmental services including oil spill response, tank cleaning, site and soil remediation, and Oil Stop product sales in the region.

For more information on the services offered by AMPOL Latin America LLC,

please contact Leo Guidroz - 504-361-4321




In addition, AMPOL recently finalized the acquisition of Berry Brothers Remediation in Bayou Vista, La. This new location, AMPOLís third in the Louisiana, is equipped to handle naturally occurring radioactive material remediation and decontamination. The facility is intermodal with a five-acre dockside for vessels and large loading zone for interstate traffic. This strategic location also allows for immediate access to Gulf of Mexico waters.

For more information on AMPOLís new NORM facility, please contact Bo Sanner Ė 985-395-2020

AMPOL announces cutting-edge equipment development

After completing the final rounds of a research and development contact with the U.S. Coast Guard, AMPOL is proud to announce "The Ninja,Ē an innovative Oil Stop Bottom Oil Recovery System, (OSBORS), especially suited for recovering oil that has sunk to the bottom of a body of water. AMPOLís OSBORS now boast three configurations for recovering sunken oil. The Ninja is a scale model of AMPOLís sub-dredge Ė a remote-controlled bottom crawler equipped with an Eddy pump capable of operating in 200 feet water depth and pumping more than 6,000 gallons of material per minute.


The Ninja weighs nine times less than the sub-dredge and is half the length. The equipment is remote controlled from the surface by an umbilical for deeper operations, and wireless-capable for shallow water operations.

 AMPOLís OSBORS is the most cutting-edge versatile equipment package for reclaiming oil from the environment.

For more information on AMPOLís oil recovery equipment, please contact Leo Guidroz - 504-361-4321


AMPOL vessels ready for deployment

AMPOLís response equipment inventory has grown to include more than 50 vessels staged in strategic locations along the Gulf Coast. These vessels stand ready to respond to customer needs up to 200 miles offshore.

Two examples of AMPOLís deployment-ready vessels are:

The M/V AMPOL Recovery, which is moored near Leeville, LA. This 110 foot class vessel includes full electronic capabilities, is certified to carry 20 personnel, and sleeps 16.

The M/V AMPOL Responder which is moored near Cameron, LA. The Responder also measures 110 feet, is certified to carry 20 personnel, sleeps 16, and has full electronic capabilities.

AMPOLís fleet is capable of offshore rig support, offshore cleaning operations, commercial diving operations, oil spill skimmer recovery operations, and general utility services.


For more information on AMPOLís deployment-ready vessels, please contact

Matt Theriot - 985-300-4909




AMPOLís new NORM yard consistently busy


Since its acquisition, AMPOLís NORM yard in Bayou Vista, La., continues to complete large-scale projects daily. In January, two crews worked to decontaminate production vessels and piping for a large oil and gas company. Crews used high-pressure pumps and a lance system to remove the NORM scale, cutting torches to cut open material to expose NORM scale buried in pitting, and rosebud torches and needle guns to remove scale


Once crews complete decontamination, samples are retrieved and sent to a laboratory for analysis on Radium 226 and other radioactive sources. Once a clear analysis is received, the waste is shipped to one of three disposal sites for down-hole disposal.



AMPOLís NORM facility features five-acres of dockside space to unload boats, and a large unloading zone for trucks. The strategic Bayou Vista location allows for immediate access to the Gulf of Mexico.


For more information on AMPOLís NORM capabilities,

please contact- Bo Sanner 985-300-4909 or Mike Watts Ė 337-365-7847



AMPOL employs more than 200 employees worldwide and offers oil spill response, tank cleaning, confined space entry services, naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) survey and remediation, lead and asbestos abatement services, insulation services, hazardous material (HAZ-MAT) emergency cleanup, soil remediation, demolition services, marine transportation, spill equipment manufacturing and emergency medical services.


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